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5 Best instant cash advance apps like Earnin & Branch


1. Cash Application

While using CashApp for several tasks, it may cost up to 3% for each transaction depending on the services you use. CashApp is a fast, easy way to get your paychecks or tax returns two days early. Additionally, you may use it to send or receive payments or make donations. Another service you can use is the Cash Card debit card, which allows you to shop online and in physical places. CashApp also offers investing alternatives, including stocks and Bitcoin.

2. Zirtue

Zirtue is one of the instant cash advance apps like Dave, Earnin & Branch that connects you to your social network in order to streamline a structured process. In other words, you can lend and borrow money to relatives and friends. When choosing a family member or acquaintance to borrow money from, you may also establish the loan terms and conditions. Thanks to Zirtue, you may rest assured that your loans will be automatically paid off. The maximum loan amount and interest rate are determined by the lender, in this example, a family member or friend. However, Zirtue requires a $5.99 monthly subscription.

3. CashNetUSA

CashNetUSA is a top-rated mobile banking service that connects customers to a variety of loan providers just like instant cash advance apps like Earnin & Branch or explore for more at Here, depending on your state of residency, lenders may grant you a loan of up to $3000. And individuals with a credit score as low as 300 may qualify for a loan. However, the APR for this loan is between 205 and 800 percent, which implies that each $100 borrowed from CashNetUSA would cost you between $10 and $45 in fees.

4. Ace Cash Express

ACE Cash Express Mobile Loans is a fantastic service that specialises in speedy payday loans. Additionally, this fast-working programme enables you to avoid the necessity of waiting for your next salary to purchase necessary items. It collaborates with a variety of retailers to ensure that you can obtain the products you require without having to pay out of pocket, as ACE Cash Express pays on your behalf.

Ace Cash Express Mobile Loans assist you in establishing a credit history. Additionally, it is one of the few payday loan applications that allows you up to 72 hours to repay a loan you got previously without incurring any fees.

5. Rainy Day Lending

Rainy Day operates differently than Earnin, but it is quite useful for folks who require a larger sum of money than most cash loan applications offer. Personal loans are easy to obtain at Rainy Day as long as you have a credit card. Submit an application for a loan and have the funds paid instantly into your bank account the following business day. However, before applying for the loan, you must examine the annual percentage rate (APR) of the repayments. Generally, the APR is determined by the lender and the loan amount.


Obtaining a cash advance via an internet application can be more cost effective than taking out a payday loan. However, you must consider the APR of each app before making a selection. APRs of approximately 200 percent to 600 percent are still significantly less expensive than payday loans or overdraft fees.

When comparing cash advance or loan lending applications such as Earnin, it’s critical to analyse the product fees, turnaround time, terms, benefits, and financing choices offered by each. Apart from that, you may also read consumer evaluations on reputable websites to assist you in making your selection.

Earnin’s above list of alternative app URLs will also assist you in selecting the most appropriate one for you. Therefore, if you haven’t read the article yet, do so and have a look at the alternative applications that offer cash advances and loans with lower or no fees.