bmw usa cycles Others 5 Best Locations to Staycation at Beachfront Villa Bali You Need to Know

5 Best Locations to Staycation at Beachfront Villa Bali You Need to Know


Indonesia has many exciting destinations for an exciting vacation. However, the island of Bali has always been the choice for many tourists for holiday destinations. Of course, it will be difficult for those of you who have never visited Bali to find the best location for a staycation at a beachfront villa Bali. For that reason, here is some information you should know.

The Best Locations for Staycation at Bali Villa

  1. Kuta and Legian

If you ask, what are the most popular and crowded tourist attractions on the island of Bali? The answer is Kuta and Legian beach tourism. This coastal tourist area is quite popular among local and international tourists. As a result, there are plenty of the best inns and accommodations. You can visit destinations with sandy beach views, shopping, clubbing, and crowds.

  1. Seminyak

You can find the Seminyak beach area on the north side, which has white sand with blackish gray color. In the afternoon, you can watch a beautiful sunset with big waves. This stunning natural beauty is why many tourists choose a staycation around the beach. Luxury villas are the best accommodation options for spending time in Bali.

  1. Jimbaran

The main attraction of the Jimbaran tourist area is near its white sand beach. This area is relatively popular for its white-sand appeal. Its calm waters are one of the best destinations for a vacation with family. A beachfront villa Bali with a family-friendly concept is the ideal choice for the best staycation in this place. Unforgettable experiences become special moments while on vacation.

  1. Canggu

In the northern part of Seminyak, a tourism area is experiencing rapid development, namely Canggu. This area is known as the center of the best surfing. As a result, many accommodations provide a staycation place for a vacation. Many tourists come – both domestic tourists and foreign tourists.

  1. Uluwatu

One of the locations that provide the best views in Uluwatu. You can choose this location as a staycation place for a vacation. Uluwatu is famous for its cliffs and stunning sea views. If you want to get a charming beach and sea atmosphere, choose the Uluwatu tourist area as a location of beachfront villa Bali.

All in all, there are many choices of the best locations that you can choose for a pleasant staycation. One of the places you can visit for a vacation and hold a special event is Uluwatu. Here, you can select Villa the Surga Estate as a place to stay. This place provides complete facilities and the best service for visiting guests.



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