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5 Best Wine Tasting and Winery Tours in Baku

This Baku visit is great for admirers of conventional culinary workmanship, epicureans of wine and food, and any individual who needs to have a go at something new. Your day will start with get from your convenience in Baku.Travel to a winery in the town of Novkhani, which is the primary winery that began masterminding wine samplings in Azerbaijan for travelers. On the excursion, find out about winemaking in Azerbaijan. When you show up, the winery worker will meet you and take you through the most common way of winemaking. You will see the cycle and get the opportunity to taste wines with scrumptious bites. You can purchase wine from the winery in the event that you wish.

1) Azerbaijan Wine Tasting & Winery Tour
This tour will let you discover the taste of Azerbaijan wine and dive deep into the winemaking process with us. The tour will introduce you to the unique characteristics of Azerbaijani grapes while exploring the wine factory that uses unique technologies to present the international world red & white wines,

2)Wine Tour Qabala with Local Lunch
Escape the bustle of the capital on this full-day gastronomy tour to the Savalan Valley, famous for its local wines. Enjoy four exclusive wine tastings at Savalan ASPI Winery, plus admission to an on-site wine museum. Tours also include a stop in scenic Nohur Lake for a tea and baklava along the way, plus a tasty lunch in a local restaurant.

3)Wine Tour Baku
A trip to the winery in the outskirts of Baku offers a unique opportunity for everyone to get acquainted to winery craft, learn the culture, technology and the ancient traditions of the production of the famous Azerbaijani wines and observe the production process. During the break, guests will be able to taste the different varieties of Azerbaijani wines and cheeses.

4) Wine Crawl Baku
Discover Baku wine bars on a private tour featuring three of the city’s best spots for tasting local wine. With an included snack and glass of wine at each stop, you’ll sample Azerbaijan’s red, white, and pomegranate wines. It’s a great introduction to Baku nightlife for wine-lovers, and you’ll enjoy personal service from a private tour guide.

5)Organic Wine Tour
Located in the village of Meysari in Shamakhi, grapes harvested in natural conditions and only hand-picked. Since the artificial preservatives, dyes, aromatizers and other chemical components are not used in the wine production process, organic wines are rich in vitamins and are distinguished by its own taste, color and aroma.

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