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A Journey By way of the Gamestate Megaverse

Welcome to cyberpunk style metaverse . A multi blockchain integrated metaverse atmosphere. The megaverse.

Gamestate has almost limitless possibilities for customers to participate in their ecosystem and produce a substantial revenue by way of staking, NFT sales, competitions and extra.

Unified profiles resolve the issue of fragmented gaming accounts and achievements enabling gamers to create and import gaming profiles.

They can show off their leaderboard ranks, and all are collated into a single transportable, immutable, privacy-centric, achievements-primarily based blockchain digital identity. This is the ultimate profile for flexing and bragging to friends and household!

What is Gamestate? Well according to the metapaper it is a cryptocurrency game launchpad in cyberpunk style metaverse or rather megaverse with a universal game achievements tracker.

Believe of it as the excellent cryptocurrency game hub or rather a place to earn cryptocurrency gaming rewards, participate in cryptocurrency or defi tournaments and expand your skills in the WAGMI stadium, the ultimate defi gaming encounter!

The genre of cyberpunk can be traced primarily to two authors whose imagination and world-developing have been the spark that led to a fun and fascinating genre of literature, movies, and gaming. This lore delivers the foundation for Gamestate.

We are on the edge of a new reality where analog and digital, actual and virtual come to be irreversibly blended together. The line defining what is human and non-human becomes blurred to the point where a new understanding of what life is will take place and practically nothing can avert this transformation from taking place.

A new cyberpunk-themed atmosphere, Gamestate is a new manifestation of this vision interconnecting unlimited metaverses, and blockchains into a culmination of what is dubbed, the “megaverse” – a massively multiplayer on the net meeting place for gamers to discover, play-two-earn and socialise in the ultimate form of incentivised escapism!