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How Does Digital Platform Affect Business? The Meaning And Its Function!


Following the fast advancement of technology, business and company also need to follow along with the new trend or functions. Take the best example of how almost everything is adorning digitalization and start to go technological for every part of the company ecosystem. That is where the digital platform takes part. But what is it and what is the function?

The Meaning

Before talking further, you need to understand what is it about? In this case, the platform can be translated into a place, container, or medium that facilitates every party in transactions. It means trading information, offering services, trade, information, and many other works or products.

The digitalization process and platform create a bigger and better company performance. It helps every transaction and activity between the company and customer did in one place (digitally). It also allows every party to meet each other directly, to direct and continue the actions or transactions. It includes improvement in mobility and access for every party.


  1. To Facilitate The Company’s Activities

The digital platform has varying and large implementation and possibilities. It highlights that some digitalization includes the use of varying services in the form of applications. Soltius Indonesia offers some business applications that can facilitate company functions, and activities, and perform better.

Some of the applications are SCP or SAP cloud platforms which create holistic and optimized enterprises under digital transformation. There are also SAP FIORI, DSI, and Mendix that came out with different purposes. It can be a way to connect the environment or ecosystem, enable productivity from anywhere, and digitalize the company’s operations.

  1. To Improve Human Prosperity

Generally, the function of the facilitator is meant to help create a better and more efficient working flow for the company. Doing transactions, information, trading, markets, and other business activities is easier with the help of a platform application. That is why the second function highlights the improvement of the human community and livelihood.

How does it affect people in general? Going digital is another new trend and move every business cannot say no to. By going digital and providing a better digital platform, every part of society can get a positive effect. It includes better customer gain, faster transactions, activities, and other help that increase human well-being and standard of living.

Generally, the digitalization era is hardly avoidable. It is part of the improvement and company development, which every business eventually need to consider and adopt. It goes with the fact that the functions include improving performance, human prosperity, and facilitating activities. That is why Soltius offer varying options for you to adopt to the company ecosystem.   Complete information can visit

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