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Is There Such a Issue As Women’s Spirituality?

Is there a separate spirituality for females? Given that I often blog on concerns of women’s spirituality, I occasionally receive comments or emails from folks who object to the concept that there is anything separate to say about spirituality for women. They frequently create anything along the lines of ‘spirituality is about moving previous distinctions like race and gender, to a universal understanding that transcends these categorizations.’

In theory, I agree. But to the extent that spiritual growth takes spot within our everyday lives, in the moment to moment experiences that we have, we need to have to take into account the realities of our lives, and the way they typically differ from men’s. And to the extent that spiritual growth needs self-awareness, we have to have to address the distinct gender conditioning that we often acquire, particularly connected to religion and spirituality.

This is what women’s spirituality is for me, but I have come to understand this is rather diverse from how lots of people today view it. If you Google ‘women’s spirituality’, a lot of the listings you will get back are connected to goddess worship, or feminine systems of divinity, usually pagan or wiccan in orientation. The recognition of these traditions has exploded in recent decades, partly as a reaction against the patriarchal leadership of the world’s key religions, and the function these religions have usually historically played in the suppression and persecution of ladies.

I like female symbols of divinity, but to me, discarding the world’s significant religions wholesale on sexist grounds, and/or redefining God as female, is missing the point. Spiritual know-how and practical experience DO transcend gender. Light is not male or female, and neither is power. And mystics inside every single significant religion have described quite comparable experiences of divine light and power. Personally, I am additional interested in addressing how ladies can grow within whatever religious tradition they have adopted, and how they can aid to adjust the part of females within those.

So in that context, what are the components of a modern women’s spirituality? I consider it has to address those elements of women’s lives that are nonetheless distinct from men’s, because these aspects ascertain what components of our spiritual paths could possibly be distinct also. For example:

– How can we juggle perform, loved ones, our well being, and a spiritual practice? Studies show that we nevertheless do the majority of kid-rearing and housework, regardless of regardless of whether or not we function outdoors the house, in addition to parent and other caretaking, so juggling is a specifically difficult aspect of our lives. Many women put their spirituality totally on hold till late in life. For me, locating techniques that we can integrate spiritual practice into our days, and commence to see our every day lives as an instrument for spiritual development, are important.

– How do our bodies and our image of them impact our spiritual journey? Numerous people today tend to consider of spirituality as anti-physical, but if you study the mystics in any tradition, you immediately find out practically nothing could be further from the truth. Our bodies are the instrument by way of which we knowledge sacred moments. And we ladies tend to have a difficult connection to our bodies, always wanting to be thinner, curvier, taller, shorter or younger. How does that block our potential to embrace our physique as an instrument of our practice? How does it influence our mental and even physical health? And how does possessing a female brain and body effect how we experience spiritual moments?

– Connected to Pluto in the 4th house is, how is our energy distinctive, and how does that effect us spiritually? Quite a few mystic traditions teach that we every have a non-physical energy physique or energy centers via which we connect to the planet in addition to our physical bodies. How are women’s energy bodies different? How does that effect how we knowledge each the globe and spirituality? How does our energy adjust in relation to our body as we go by means of the various phases of our reproductive life cycle? I understand this may be too new-agey for some, but I have discovered that most ladies find this information very worthwhile.