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More From The Samsung Galaxy Series With The Ace And Mini

Samsung’s Galaxy series has created a number of popular handsets. Examples of these handsets are the i9000 S, the Apollo, and the Giorgio Armani. This 2011, there will be two more additions to this popular series. These smartphones are the Ace and Mini.Samsung Galaxy A Series Evolution 2014-2020 - YouTube

The Ace is a more compact smartphone. Its dimensions are 112.4 mm (height), 59.9 mm (width), and 11.5 mm (thickness). It weighs in at a mere 113 grams. It comes with features such as 3G, Wi-Fi, a 5 MP camera, image enhancing features, and multimedia features.

The Mini is also a more compact mobile phone. It has dimensions of 110.4 (height), 60.8 (width), and 12.1 mm (thickness). It weighs in at a mere 105 grams. This handset comes with a 3.5 MP camera, other image enhancing features, Wi-Fi capabilities, and 3G capabilities.

When it comes to processing power, the phones come with processors that are packed with power that is surprising for the phone’s size. The Ace is equipped with an 800 MHz processor. The Mini is equipped with a 600 MHz processor that is ideal for multitasking and fast web browsing.

Both handsets run on the Android 2.2 Froyo OS. For whatever these phones lack in hardware, they make for it with this advanced Android OS. This OS is 2 to 5 times faster compared to its predecessor the 2.1 Éclair. It gives you the ability to multitask smoother and it makes the phone’s web capabilities faster. It is fully integrated with HTML 5 and the latest Flash applications. This means that you will gain access to more than 1.6 million dynamic websites found across the World Wide Web.

The handsets are ideal for accessing the internet on the go. You can make use of its Wi-Fi capabilities and make use of public hotspots or wireless networks. Its 3G capabilities will allow fast browsing, downloads, and uploads as well. No matter where you may be, you will always have access to the internet.

For people who are looking for more compact but powerful handsets, Samsung has created these handsets that are sure to satisfy your needs. The Samsung Galaxy A series Ace and Mini are compact handsets ready to hit the mobile market this 2011.

Samsung has been a core and a well known brand as far as technology is concerned. There are countless innovations that are associated with great company in many fields including the telecommunications industry. In line with this, there are many types of mobile phones that have been made by Samsung and one of the latest products in this is the new Samsung Galaxy series.

In this Samsung Galaxy series, there is a range of products that include the Samsung Galaxy S, which is a mobile phone and the Samsung Galaxy Tab, which is more of a tablet and looks like the Apple’s iPad.

The Samsung Galaxy S is quite excellent when it comes to its features. Since its launch, it has been sold widely across many countries in the world and this can be attributed to the technology that comes with it. It runs on the Google’s Android 2.1 operating system, something that makes it compatible with more than 60,000 applications in the Android market.