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Paul Linnig’s – Last of the Famous Fish Camps


My Uncle Guy, a genuine figure atlanta divorce attorneys way, loved Henry Linnigs. He liked it so much that we will have to choose him each time he came to Louisville to go to us. Not too I minded. I loved Paul Linnig’s, too. A few of my earliest memories of eating dinner out come in a right back space in the restaurant or being called from the swings outside once the food arrived.

Uncle Person was therefore fond of the seafood that you’d sometimes travel his little individual airplane from his home in Franklin, KY around Louisville, a trip of about 125 miles, lease a vehicle at the airport only to drive to Paul Linnigs for supper and then fly house again. He’d always contact and question if we wanted to meet up him there. Very often we would.

When I became a teenager I began planning myself with friends. Sometimes we’d get our ship up the Iowa Water from the vessel dock in Brandenburg or Otter Creek Park to the dock at Mike Linnig’s and enjoy meal before a relaxing trip home.

I’ve grown up now and unfortunately Dad Individual is no further with us, but I however enjoy going to Robert Linnigs.

True Roadfood

When I first acquired the Roadfood publications by Linda and Jordan Firm, long before the internet site was produced, I was surprised to not see Mike’s included. This is exactly the type of cafe and knowledge that the Stern’s stay for. Fortunately Anne and Jordan have because been to the restaurant and have the ability to reveal that great old designed “fish camp” with the planet on the website I just hope I had identified when these were coming therefore I really could have joined them.

Fish camps restaurants use to be distribute all around the south. Right back prior to the interstates made it probable to drive from Louisville to Orlando in 1 day — and perhaps not see anything — they certainly were packed every summertime with persons experiencing the catch of the day. But like therefore a lot of Americana, the fish camps have been disappearing for all years. Robert Linnig’s may be among the last. If you should be in Louisville, or everywhere shut, do your self a favor and get eat some amazing fish Our Story .

A few words of assistance once you visit Henry Linnig’s:

Move in the summer and stay outside (when I was a youngster it had been shut in the winter.) You can only get the true fish camp experience beneath the stars.

If you don’t like fried seafood, don’t bother. Oh, I guess they may serve something not fried on the selection, but I’ve never bothered to look. Only get the Seafood Menu or Frog Legs. Get a lot of Tartar Sauce. Have the special tea. And appreciate life.