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Screw Piles – Securely Supporting Buildings, Podiums and Gantries

Sraigtiniai poliai are an engineering technique that has evolved more than centuries. Given that man has built buildings he has required to support all of them – during first construction or any time structures later need repair or enhancement. Modern screw piles add another adaptable and cost-effective instrument to the civil engineer’s toolkit.

Exactly what are screwpiles

Screwpiles(also called helical steelpiles) are the latest development involving technology pioneered simply by Irish engineer Alexander Mitchell for use on lighthouse facilitates in the 1830s.

Today’s version of Mitchell’s idea generally consists of a new strong-but-light galvanised metallic shaft onto which usually are welded low-pitch steel plates hence the resulting device looks similar to typically the classic Archimedes mess. On-site, the heaps are easily screwed into the ground using simple hand-held or machine-mounted drilling equipment. Screwpile technology has given technical engineers an easily transportable little technology regarding sites with various constrictions for example tight project deadlines, small site access, and even environmental disruption, which usually must become kept to a lowest.

Benefits of screwpiles

The particular simple elegance regarding this piling technique means it gives lots of benefits for anatomist applications. These incorporate the following :

Quick to mount – saving time & money
Not any excavations or ruin to cart aside – saving funds, particularly if there exists contaminated ground
Zero concrete or healing time – enables speedier commissioning of sites
Small footprint – enables smaller sized bases in constrained areas
Flexible design – frames may be designed to connect services allowing area congested services to built negating typically the need for re-routing cables.
Sustainable answer – are detachable & re-useable.
Set up in low temps – no down time, unlike concrete
Economical solution in light ground, where classic piling is even more expensive and asphalt is technically faulty
Where screw sections are used

Typical uses include underpinning structures, support for road and trackside gantries, slope stabilisation in addition to mounting telecommunications podiums. In lots of of these roles, the screwpile’s particular suitability with regard to applications with a higher overturning moment is invaluable.

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