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Tenga Soft Tube Cup

The Tenga Soft Tube Cup is a new masturbating cup; with an incredibly soft tube which gives you complete control over the tightening sensations of your toy, this means that the amount of pressure the cup delivers around your shaft is entirely up to you, depending on how tightly or lightly you grip the cup. You will also enjoy a variety of sensual sensations ranging from rubbing, stroking, and pressing sensations etc. Cleaning and hygiene received special attention in the design of this masterpiece; the Tenga Soft Tube Cup boasts an ingenious post-ejaculation release system that enables you to squeeze out completely all ejaculated semen within the cup after use, this ensures that cleaning is super-fast and extremely convenient, and with just a little splash of toy cleaner and a quick rinse in warm water; your toy will be ready for reuse. It also has a pre-lubricated inner jelly liner with textured nubs and ridges; the brilliantly designed air valve creates a virtual vacuum inside the cup, as well as simulates sexy sucking sounds that mimic the sounds and feel of fellatio. 더킹카지노 주소 helps you regulate the suction levels by either partially or completely covering the air-vent using your thumb; depending on your suction preferences. The unique pinched-in shape of the cup is not an error in design but deliberately meant to achieve unparalleled tightness and intense stimulations. These advanced features combine with an arousing “slurping” sound and mild vibrations to bring you to a mind blowing release. This cup also features an amazing onahole that keeps lube inside the cup to make sure things don’t get too messy. It’s also very discreet; especially if you take off the conspicuous, red packaging, you will be left with a soft, plain, white tube similar to a jumbo-sized tooth paste.
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