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Thriller family movies can watch in 2020

2020 took a heavy toll on the Indian film industry. With theatres out of bounds due to the dangerous pandemic, everyone thought the repercussions would be pretty high. Even the audience had a hard time dealing with these issues. They were falling short of options that could keep them occupied and have fun at the same time. It is where the OTT streaming platforms came to the rescue. Not only did it provide streaming for free, but its diverse range of content amused all the age groups. It became convenient for people to stream their favorite movies and shows from their home screens. There was a drastic rise in OTT streamings. This situation gave rise to many OTT platforms. From global to local, these platforms provided a wide range of content to stream. Like all local industries coming up with a solution, the Telugu Movie Industry came up with a new OTT platform Aha, that streamed content in Telugu only. People were happy to be able to see their favorite stars on their home screens. To be able to stream movies with their families besides them made them even happier.

And coincidentally, we saw the release of many blockbusters in the last year. The South Indian industry was full of surprises. And to the delight of the audience, they could stream the films for free in high quality. One of the most exciting family thrillers which you can catch on Aha is Shylock. It is a Malayalam film that has been dubbed in Telugu. There are many comedy movies online on aha app.



The Malayalam action-thriller dubbed in Telugu stars the evergreen Mammooty in the lead role. Generally used as a slang term for describing loan sharks, this word appropriately describes the protagonist who is a loan shark in the Malayalam film industry. The film has been directed by AjaiVasudev., who had previously also worked with Mammooty. The script written by newcomers Bibin Mohan and Ameesh Ahmed was displayed wonderfully by Renadive’s cinematography. The talented GopiSundar has composed the music.

The film’s plot follows the story of Boss(Mammooty) through two timelines. In the present, where he locks horns with a producer when the latter refuses to pay him back, instead, he tries to deal with Boss swiftly with the help of his commissioner friend. But things go the opposite way, with Boss dealing with every threat they send his way and at the same time put them in jeopardy. The first half ends when Boss visits a crippled old person who is none other than his brother Ayyanar(Rajkiran). And then, he goes on to reveal his troubled past. In the past, it is shown how he lived happily with his family. And how it turned into a living hell for him. From that point, the story unravels quickly. The story shows the connection of that producer to his life.

Aha has become a prominent OTT service for streaming Telugu movies online. It lets us stream the full movie online without any disruptions. So, subscribe to Aha and enjoy its seamless Telugu content.