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Tips for Buying a Paintball Gun

When players are purchasing gear for paintball, the most important piece of equipment to purchase is the gun. Protective gear is important as well, but the gun can often be the difference between victory and defeat during a paintball game. The following is a guide to selecting a paintball gun.

The most important factor when it comes to buying a paintball gun is reliability. In the middle of a heated contest, there is nothing worse than the gun jamming. This is a common cause of a team suffering defeat.

Players want to buy a gun that will perform reliably under pressure without jamming, but they want to achieve this reliability with a cheap paintball gun. Cheap is a word that is relative to the individual, but do not expect to pay less than $100 and get a brand new reliable weapon. A cheap paintball gun that is reliable will be in the neighborhood of $150 to 200. Of course, it is possible to spend several hundred dollars on the weapon, but that is a matter of personal preference and is useful for those that play frequently and competitively.

When determining the reliability of a gun, it is a good idea to look at as many sources of information as possible. Read reviews both in magazines and online. Search online forums for other players’ comments and experiences with the weapon. Also, talk to other players at the local paintball venues to see what they are using, and what is available cheaply that will perform well.

It is important to select the correct kind of glock 33. This decision will be influenced on what position and style of play the gun is needed for. Players that are highly aggressive and leading charges into enemy territory will want to purchase guns that have a great rate of fire. This is accomplished by selecting guns that utilize an electronic trigger. Players that hang back and are more of a sniper, on the other hand, will want to select guns that are known for their accuracy.

Another important aspect to think about when buying guns is what kind of air supply they use. There are two main types of air that guns will use: CO2 or HPA. CO2 is the most common, mainly due to its cheapness. HPA gives more shots per tank volume than CO2, and it is also more consistent. This is due to the fact that HPA will not be negatively affected by cold weather, unlike CO2. For those in warmer climates, this is not a factor.