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Why Do Hoverboard Explode


Have you heard about hoverboards? If yes, you must have also heard about how the devices catch fire or explode and burn doAre hoverboards safe yet? - CNETwn homes and run many people holidays. You may be thinking that one of the most used electronic devices is also a threat to man’s life. Even, some do say hoverboards seized before boarding a train, aeroplane or a bus.

In the news, there is a controversy over the newly invented device that was introduced to the market in 2014. The article is intended to shed more light on this polluted news. We will provide reasons why hoverboards catch fire and ways to avoid it. Here is the great news, there are significant improvements in the manufacturing process and you can be certain the device won’t burn your home or ruin your garden.

What causes an explosion in hoverboard?

The answer to why the self-balancing scooters explode lies in the battery and it’s not only found in hoverboards. As of now, thousands of electronic devices are powered by lithium-ion batteries. These include micro technology devices such as phones and cameras to small motorized devices.

They operate in the same manner as other batteries. When a circuit is closed, electrons flow from the positive pole (the anode) of the device and it is being deposited on the negative pole (the cathode).

But there are some differences in these batteries because they created a river of lithium ions. Lithium is selected for producing batteries because of its activeness and lightweight properties. Many other alkaline metals can be used as an alternative to lithium. These alternative metals may not lead to hoverboard exploding but they are heavy. This will add up to the overall weight of the device.

It is of utmost importance to develop a lightweight design. It allows riders to travel a long distance and faster. It is also reduced the power needed to get hoverboards into motion. These days, lighter devices are preferred by consumers, so the device must be portable to carry them from one place to another.

Being the third metal in the electronic configuration, lithium is very reactive. The problem arises when there is a fault on the thin separators that keeps battery elements from each other. This leads to an internal short-circuit and subsequent reaction causes large release of heat.


Hoverboards are carefully made and followed by regulations made by the government of the country. Highly reliable and experienced producers do the design and manufacturing of lithium-ion batteries. They know how to arrange them in a way that the power generated balanced the amount of power input of the device during operation.

When the power generated doesn’t balance the power input, the battery will heat up leading to a thermal reaction that results in the release of large amount of energy which is the cause of the explosion. These malfunctioning batteries brought an end to the manufacturers and the birth of other companies capable of producing efficient batteries capable of powering hoverboards without any side effects.

Exploding hoverboards are things of the past and cannot come back to repeat itself. Just as it is with any new product, hoverboards require improvements when the first sets were introduced to the market in 2014.

Safety Procedures

There need to be some requirements. Manufacturing companies have tested and improved their newly produced hoverboards but they need to convince the public that the new device is safe to use and doesn’t pose any threat to life.

This is where the services of safety regulators are required. Examples of such safety regulators are the Underwriters Laboratories. You have probably seen their logo on one of these electronic devices. You might be wondering what the significance of this logo is. Now if UL certifies an electronic device, it is considered safe for use.

Underwriters Laboratories introduced a new safety rating that test hoverboards for the risk level in November 2016. “National Standard UL 2272” analyses the safety of any mobile electronic system, charger and battery system arrangements of hoverboards and other 1-wheel, 2-wheel or any number of wheel devices.




Buying a hoverboard

Before buying hoverboards, ensure that the potential hoverboards come with UL 2272 rating. This gives the device an acceptable level of safety. Official Hoverboard conformed with this safety rating. If you can’t find this certification, do not buy!

In some stores, these devices might go for a very high price. Don’t be scammed. At Official Hoverboard, hoverboards are affordable to buy and can be used for various activities over a long period.